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The Directory of Education Support Services is the national database of providers for educational settings. Our unique approach means that our clients are used to coming to use with the problem and we connect them with the most relevant trusted independent professional on our books. The Directory of Education Support Services is the website that allows us to meet the demands of the hundreds of clients we work with. It gives you the chance to showcase your services and rave reviews to our clients and educational settings across the country, identifying what problems and conditions you are able to assist with or what services you offer.

Minimum requirements for professionals: Email address DBS check Evidence of qualifications/professional registration

Need an Enhanced DBS check? We have partnered with Personnel Checks to be able to offer this service to independent professionals. Download your How To Guide here.

So how does it work?

There are just five easy steps to start receiving contact from prospective clients:

  1. You set up a free profile
  2. You upload scans of your DBS/qualifications (these are only seen by us and schools you choose to share them with)
  3. You enter tags relating to services you offer and problems you can help with (this is how people find you)
  4. We approve your profile
  5. You are then registered to be contacted by schools, families and settings using our built in messaging service

We are communicating with families, schools, colleges and local authorities to tell them about the Directory. Once you register and we have verified your qualifications and DBS check, then they will be able to search for services in their area, either by profession, or by the problem they have.

They will then contact you directly through the messaging system on the site and you will be able to agree your fees and arrangements to meet with them. After you have finished your piece of work, they will be contacted by us in order to rate the work you did and leave you a review.

We do this so that professionals with a higher rating (from the clients) are able to be displayed as such, so we ask you to encourage your clients to leave you a rating!

We take Data Protection very seriously, users to our website are in charge of being able to edit or delete their own data whenever they like. Uploaded documents (for example DBS checks) can only be viewed by our staff or other users you give permission to.

What you need to get started:

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Educational settings

Many nurseries, schools and colleges have told us they struggle to find the independent professionals they need.

We've provided services for over 2% of schools and colleges in England, so we understand your difficulties. Many have used us due to our vetting procedures, feeling reassured by the fact that to be listed with The Root Of It, the people have been checked. Up until now we've had to manually source, interview and vet our professionals, but in order to reduce your costs, eliminate the management fees and speed up your access to them, we built this site. The Directory of Education Support Services is your one-stop shop for sourcing the trusted professionals you need.

So how does it work?

1 You set up a free account
2 You search for either the profession you are looking for or the issue you are facing
3 You contact professionals or services using our built in messaging service

We are here to help you to find the services you need.

Sometimes it is hard to know what type of special needs professional you need for example, so we have asked our vetted professionals to record which problems they can help you with.

We are working with professionals from all over the country and will vet them, so you know that we have checked their credentials and also their criminal records check.

When you find a professional you'd like to work with, you are able to message them and begin your conversation. Please ask them about their fees and agree with them an approximate cost for any work. However, also be aware, particularly if a professional is visiting you, and ends up needing to revisit you, then this is likely to change the amount they charge. It may be that they suggest an initial visit or conversation to find out more about your requirements before giving you a price, this is normally complimentary and you should not get charged for it.

Once you have agreed the outcome of the piece of work and the approximate price, then the professional will begin their work.

After they have completed their intervention, we would like it (and they would too) if you would log back into here and give them a review and a rating, this will help other clients to choose which professionals they work with. Join Today